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The magic VR film you've been waiting for.

Cairo's Tale: The Big Egg is a VR animated short about the adventure of young mage Cairo and his best friend Clusterclucked.

One day, a giant egg falls off and breaks the roof of Cairo’s flying house, just in front of Cairo and Clusterclucked. Though being afraid, they decide to figure out what happened…

----- Facts -----

Category: VR animation
Genre: Drama, Fantastic
Director: Shi Yuan
Studio: Ring Mountain
Publisher: Arrowiz
Duration: 8 minutes

Format: Real-time renderer (.exe)
Size: 12 GB

Shi Yuan

I believe VR interactive movies are one of the most critical elements of VR experience, a perfect integration of pioneering technology and traditional image art, and very likely to change the landscape of entertainments in near future.

Shi Yuan

Director & Producer, Cairo's Tale


Cairo is the youngest member of the big mage Family BoBo. He was born with great talent and good at the magic of creation. But Cairo can’t concentrate on doing one thing for long. He likes playing tricks and living leisurely. Taking a nap on the meadow is his favorite part of the day, and that’s why he barely sees his growth in magic power.

Clusterclucked was brought by Cairo’s father when Cairo was a baby. This fellow’s backstory is a mystery, but that doesn’t affect him from being the best friend and nanny of Cairo. Clusterclucked is quite light-hearted, has a poor memory and likes singing songs that nobody understands.

Ring Mountain

Ring Mountain

The awesome team behind Cairo's Tale

We are a happy group of artists and engineers with deep backgrounds in game and entertainment industries. While we used to work on titles like Gears of War, Blade & Soul, Gundam and One Piece at renowned companies, VR as a fresh frontier recently drew our interest and joined our creativity.


What people say about Cairo's Tale: The Big Egg

"This is the best thing I've seen after 'Henry'."

"A masterpiece of VR animation."

"I bought a GTX 1080 only to watch the highest quality version of this."

Watch Cairo's Tale: The Big Egg



Oculus Rift headset needed

Watch Cairo's Tale: The Big Egg



HTC Vive headset needed

More information is available in our presskit.


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121 Des Voeux Road, Central 
Hong Kong